What’s Happening In May

Wow….the end of the semester is right around the corner, can you believe it’s already May? We only have two weeks of the month to enjoy with you, so we made sure that we continue to have fun events and pop ups to take your mind off of finals! Before we talk fun, we want to remind you that all Flex Dollars expire at the end of the semester, so be sure to use them!!!

So, here’s a bite into this months events!

On Tuesday, May 1st, we’re taking a culinary road trip to Memphis, Tennessee! You’ll see some good southern cookin’ for lunch in Memorial Hall, and there’s a good chance that you get to enjoy a delicious Root Beer Float!

A personal favorite is on the menu for Wednesday, May 2nd! We know that you love when we have personal pizza’s, so we’ll be servin’ them up all day long.

We’re imaging ourselves in warmer weather on Thursday, May 3rd. Summer vacation is a few weeks away, so we’re bringing a taste of San Francisco to Memorial Hall! There’s a twist on this one….usually we do a Cityscape special during lunch or dinner, but you’ll be seeing this one for breakfast and lunch! We hope it’s warm out, because we’re having an iced coffee bar in the morning at Memorial Hall! There will be a variety of flavors and toppings for you to enjoy, so get that last caffeine kick to start off your day!

May the force be with you on Friday, May 4th! We’re celebrating Star Wars with exciting specials during lunch at Hilltop Cafe! It’s going to be a good one, especially since Hilltop Cafe closes for the semester on Friday 5/4 at 7:30pm!

To kick off finals week, we’re back with our personal favorite…..Exam Treats! On Sunday, May 6th we’ll be in the South West Study Lounge in Memorial Hall with Ice Cream Sundaes at 7:30pm!! Who doesn’t love a sundae on Sunday?

Hopefully your first day of finals is off to a good start so you can join us at the Almost Midnight Breakfast! Take a break from studying on Monday, May 7th and join us in Memorial Hall from 9pm-11pm to eat delicious breakfast foods and win some of the giveaways!

Who doesn’t love a late night sub?! On Tuesday, May 8th we’ll be serving up Grinders for the Exam Treats in the South West Study Lounge in Memorial Hall at 7:30pm!

It’s finally the middle of the week on Wednesday, May 9th…so we’re celebrating with Walking Tacos for Exam Treats! Bring your textbooks to the South West Study Lounge in Memorial Hall at 7:30pm!

A personal favorite is making its way to Memorial Hall during lunch on Thursday, May 10th! Join us for lunch to get yourself a personal pizza!

If you’re still on campus on Thursday, May 10th, join us in the South West Study Lounge in Memorial Hall at 7:30pm for Exam Treats!

On Friday, May 10th we’re sending you off to enjoy summer! Memorial Hall will close at 2pm and Devil’s Den and Starbucks will close at 3pm. We truly hope that you had a great semester and aced all of your final exams!

Check out below to see our end of semester hours!




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