Meet the Team: Mikayla Melaas

It’s Wednesday, which means that we have a new team member for you to meet! Today we’re introducing our Marketing Coordinator, Mikayla Melaas, so keep reading to learn more about her!

Mikayla has been with Sodexo for two and a half years, and has spent nine of those months with us at CCSU. Many of you have probably seen her around campus taking pictures of delicious food and fun dining events! Her favorite part about being the Marketing Coordinator at CCSU is that she has the ability to be creative and bring fun ideas to the table. She loves that every day with the students is different and that there is always something new to learn.

Mikayla’s favorite type of cuisine is Italian, because shes loves pasta and cannolis! Her favorite meal is a tie between breakfast and dessert because hey, you can have the best of both worlds! If she could have dinner with anyone in the world it would be Guy Fieri because he knows where all the good eats are, and she knows he’ll be entertaining and crack a few jokes.

When Mikayla isn’t at work, you can find her in the gym or baking, and if it’s winter you’ll definitely find her skiing on the mountain! She also just started playing Tennis and is loving it! If there’s anything you should know about Mikayla, it’s that she can’t live without peanut butter, chocolate or a new pair of shoes. 🥜🍫👠

Check back every Wednesday throughout the summer to meet more of the CCSU management and office staff!



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