Meet The Team: Mike Lorusso

Can you believe that it’s the middle of the week already?! We’re excited, because as you know, we get to introduce a new team member each Wednesday! Today we asked Mike Lorusso, Operations Manager, a few questions about his career and personal life! Keep reading to learn more about Mike.

Mike has been with Sodexo for forty years, and we are lucky enough to have had him at CCSU for eight of those years. His favorite part about being the Operations Manager here is that he gets to be around smart young people. He also enjoys spending time with his co-workers.

Mike’s favorite type of cuisine is Italian, and his favorite meal of the day is dinner, but he likes to enjoy his meal by having a long dinner! Who likes to rush a good meal anyway? 🍝

We wanted to know who Mike would have dinner with if he could eat it with anyone in the world. We better call Julia Child up and invite her over, because he’d like to enjoy a few glasses of wine with her! Red or white…..we’re still not sure.

When Mike isn’t at work, he loves to travel all around the world. His favorite places to visit are Europe and Central America. Mike’s native language is Italian, so it’s pretty easy for him to navigate his way around Italy! He also lived in Italy until he was thirteen years old.

One last thing that you should know about Mike is that he has been married for thirty-one years and he has two sons, Nicholas and Michael. They also have a Boston Terrier named Gus, how adorable! 

Check back with us every Wednesday throughout the summer to meet more of the CCSU Dining management and office staff!



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